I’m a journalist, essayist, poet and novelist (basically, a WRITER of almost all trades), as well as a feminist, social justice activist, eco-warrior, animal lover and all-around iconoclast.

Born and raised in Brooklyn by my blue collar Irish Catholic family, I now call the Boston area home. When I’m not writing, I spend my free time reading, cooking (& eating) vegetarian dishes , enjoying music, watching movies, discussing politics, volunteering, hiking up mountains and around the woods of New England and hanging out with my awesome cats (see below).

I’m currently a reporter for the financial news website MainStreet.com (and formerly, of its sibling site, The Street) where I cover issues related to the environment, student loan debt, the gender wage gap and rising income inequality between the classes.  

I’ve also written for Orion, Salon, Al-Jazeera America, E Magazine, Earth Island Journal, Science, BioSciencethe New York Daily News, Z Magazine and InsideClimateNews.

I also did some local reporting in Boston for Spare Change News during the summer of 2012. Before that, I was a regular contributing writer for the award-winning Vermont Woman Magazine from 2007 until 2011.

I am in the process of completing a collection of connected personal essays tentatively titled The Drug Addict’s Daughter. An excerpt from one of my essays, “Don’t You DARE,” was published in Salon in March 2014. In addition to looking for homes for individual pieces, I am on the hunt for a publisher (hint, hint). An agent would work too.

My friend, musician Anda Volley, wrote a song for me last year that hit #1 on Soundcloud’s alt rock category–Laura Inside the Ghost Machine.

Oh yeah, and my last name means “pebble” in German.

sam and cokey