FEATURE ARTICLES, GUEST COLUMNS AND OP-EDS (I’ve written too many to offer an exhaustive list, but here are some of which I am particularly proud. To view a comprehensive clearinghouse of my clips, please visit my Contently profile):

How Childhood Adversities Impact Adult Health, The Colorado Trust

Chronic pain: The “invisible” disability, Harvard Health Blog

Special Housing Feature: Eight Isn’t Enough, DIG Boston

Medicaid Affects Way More People Than You Realize – VICE

Young People with Pre-Existing Conditions and ACA Repeal - VICE

Stereotypes of America’s White Working Class – Quartz

My Brother’s Keeper – The Fix

Affordable Housing Voucher Payments Don’t Match Rental Costs, The Colorado Trust

I don’t want to date older men. Why don’t they get the message? Washington Post

Are You A Health Care Have or Have Not? Depends Where You Live, Ozy

Why The Withdrawal Method is Working for Me, Fusion

How Do You Handle Pain Relief If You’re Concerned About Addiction?, The Fix

How Real Cheese Made Its Comeback, The Atlantic

All Pain Is Not Equal, Relief News (Harvard University-based media site)

How Gentrification Puts Creative Urbanites in a Bind, Alternet, funded by the Economic Hardship Reporting Project

A Clever Gem Blooming in the Boston Music Scene, Ozy

Do We Have to Get Married?, DAME

A Police Chief Fights Drugs with Empathy, The Guardian

Salem Power Plant Sparks Electric Debate, Al-Jazeera America

America’s Plan B Problem: The Contraception Misinformation Epidemic, Salon

America’s Shameful Dog Discrimination, The New York Daily News

Toxic Tampons, Salon

Why Environmentalists Should Care about Pet Euthanasia, Earth Island Journal

Climate-Conscious Ranching: Is Free-Range Really Better Than Feedlots?, InsideClimateNews.com

Why Is the Media Afraid to Tackle Livestock’s Role in Climate Change?, InsideClimateNews.com

FIJI Water and the Vatukoula Dump, Z Magazine (reprinted in Mother Jones online)

Rich Enough to Offset: The question of carbon offsets, E Magazine


Women Who File for Restraining Orders Experience Decreased Earnings

Can We Make New Maternity Leave Policies That Are More Generous?

Why Full-Time Working Women Earn $320,000 Less Than Men Over a Lifetime

Senior Citizens Now Have $18.2 Billion in Student Loan Debt–And Growing,

Dark Money Fueling Climate Change Propagandatypewriter


Why New Studies May Mean ‘Game Over for the Climate Deniers’

Why Young Adults Are Failing At Being Adults

Sallie Mae Student Loan Horror Stories Bring Only a Slap on the Wrist

What Happens When There is No Affirmative Action

Half of Our Public School Students Are Officially Poor

Rent is a Third–or Half–of Many People’s Income

Unpaid Internships Are Worthless for The Interns

For All Our Good, Let Student Debtors Go Bankrupt

Fast Food Workers Are Right: Raise The Minimum Wage


Noctua ReviewMusic (p. 48)

Stone Highway ReviewOctober & Fever Dreams (pp. 37 & 38)

Wilderness House Literary ReviewA Poem for Uncle, Tangles, Nature & The Mercy of Eyelids

Fox Chase ReviewHair

Blue Lake ReviewStem (originally published by upstreet’s inaugural issue, 2006)

Medulla Review – RED & Rhythmless

Naugatuck River ReviewWhat Tea Can’t Cure (pp. 86 & 87)

Amethyst ArsenicConversation With My Pen & Clam Poem

Ibbetson Street – Wish for an Aspiring Herpetologist

Gin Bender – For My Mother & Devils


A Comparative Rhetorical Analysis of US and UK Newspaper Coverage of the Correlation Between
Livestock Production and Climate Change – Proceedings of the 10th Biennial
Conference on Communication and the Environment, or COCE (pp. 246-255)

**I attended COCE through a grant I was awarded by my graduate school, UVM.

Accolades and Accomplishments:

I was recently awarded a full scholarship to attend the Salty Quill, a private retreat for women writers conducted at a private island off the coast of Maine (unfortunately, last minute logistics interfered with me being able to attend). I was also awarded a full scholarship to attend the November 2015 BinderCon in NYC, a professional development conference for women and gender nonconforming writers. In May 2015, I was selected for an environmental journalism fellowship through the Metcalf Institute for Marine & Environmental Reporting to travel to the 2015 National Adaptation Forum on Climate Change in St. Louis, Missouri and attend the two-day Metcalf seminar on “Climate Change and the News.” In October 2013, I received training through The Op-Ed Project on a scholarship as well.

Other Writing Work:

I’ve done a fair amount of writing, editing, and fact checking as an independent contractor for businesses, nonprofits and individuals.

Currently, I am a regular contributor to Relief News, a news site dedicated to the topic of pain and run through Harvard Medical School’s NeuroDiscovery Center. I am also a contracted with Harvard Medical School’s Global Education department.  

In the past, I worked as the lead researcher and writer for the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Climate Hotmap project, which interfaces with Google Earth to show how different parts of the world have been, and will continue to be, impacted by climate change. Other clients of mine have included the Valor Water AnalyticsGreen Education Foundation, Eartheaded,  Root Cause and the Center for Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Vermont. I worked as an editor for one of the earlier drafts of the forthcoming memoir by Harvey Mudd III, who is the grandson of Harvey Seeley Mudd, one of the initial investors in the Cyprus Mine Corporation and the namesake of Harvey Mudd College.

From 2010 till 2013, I had a blog called Writing for Survival that was about “sustainability, social justice and scraping by as a scribe” that got a fair amount of readers and was picked up in other outlets, including Wolf Song of Alaska. Feel free to check out some of those posts.